Camera Bags

Every professional photographer I’ve worked with or known has a camera bag.

We can’t just go out and bring a single lens on one camera body and call it good!
Camera bags are special to photographers.
They’re one way we show our style, and they’re determined by our personality, favorite genre’s to shoot, and typical locations we work in.

Personally, I have 2 different camera bags that I like to use. I have a 3rd camera bag, but it’s an actual backpack and it’s very small and I don’t use it much. Nowadays it’s just used to bring extra water bottles for my dog and I when we go hiking.

First: Tenba

Specifially, the Tenba 638-23261bm1xbnwnl-_sl1000_I’d link to the exact bag I use on the Tenba website, but it looks like they stopped making it, under that name/style anyway. Reasonable, since I bought mine back in 2010! But that’s why I love it. It’s still holding strong to this day! Though there are some coffee stains from the last 6 years of abuse and travel I’ve put that thing through.
Tenba makes some really excellent bags of great quality! They’re durable, comfortable, and practical. This is the bag I use more when I use for smaller shoots, when I need to bring my laptop, or when I’m traveling.

It has a laptop pouch that can squeeze in my 17″ laptop and a removable divider in the front section that allows for your camera and multiple lenses. Or if you want to carry your camera, you can fit more lenses! It’s fully customizable, because inside, it has sturdy velcro separators that you can configure any way you want! My typical configuration is to have one larger compartment for my camera and two for my lenses. That doesn’t give me much room to work with. You can lay the camera down with a lens attached to fit another lens. However, if I’m using an extended battery grip on my camera, I have to use either a body cap or the short 40mm Prime lens to fit that extra lens in.


Second: Canon

Specifically, the Canon Deluxe Gadget Bag 10EG


My Tenba bag looks bigger, but I can fit more, safely, in this Canon bag. But only camera gear. It’s not big enough to carry a laptop, but it can fit a tablet about the size of an iPad Air 2 below the lid if you squeeze!

This is the main bag I use for more versatile shoots, especially when I don’t need my computer. Inside this bag, there are 4 lens pockets and 1 camera pocket. Though you can customize this with removable, movable velcro dividers to reconfigure it into 6 lens pockets. There are also 3 pretty large pockets on the outside of the bag (left, right, and front) as well as a small pouch on the inside of the top flap that you can use to store extra items such as batteries, memory cards, cables, etc.

If you’re looking to buy a camera bag for yourself, I recommend considering the equipment you have, what and how you normally shoot, and where you go.

If you shoot in a studio and routinely work with models and clients, consider a bag that fits your personally style.
If you work primarily on location or travel a lot, you’ll need something more durable and probably with more storage room.


If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know!


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