My Workspace

Where you work shows off a bit of who you are. If you’re lucky enough to customize your main work area just the way you like it, you get to show what makes you tick – your interests, how you get productive, what you do, and so on. Everyone’s different.

But this is how I roll.

My desk. It’s pretty neat and simple. The work surface is made of cork, so it’s pretty soft and won’t scratch my devices when I leave them out of their cases. It’s still firm and sturdy enough for me to put all my computer equipment on. Plus it doesn’t feel cold when the AC has been blowing on it for a while and I’m wearing short sleeves. That’s a bonus!  It’s actually just held up on two little saw-horses, making it really easy to assemble and take apart. It’s also a bit deeper than a standard desk, which comes in handy when I either want to use a monitor riser that takes up room or take out my large Wacom tablet. Those tiny 18″ desks just get cramped.

My computer. Including all the bits and pieces plugged into it, I’ve spread it around the entire desk. The CPU is a little Mac Mini (Late 2012 model. I’m due for an upgrade soon) on the upper left corner. I upgraded it to 16gb of RAM and a 1TB hard drive for a boost in power and storage. I also plugged in two powered USB hubs (that’s what the glowing blue line next to it is) so I can plug in the accessories I need, and sometimes there are a lot of them (tablet, external hard drive, flash drive, card reader, keyboard, phone, and the list goes on)! I do prefer a wired keyboard both for stability and the number pad. I like a lot of USB ports too, obviously. It’s difficult to see, but I actually have one extended and stretched to the lamp. My card reader is also always attached, because, you know, photographers tend to take a lot of pictures. That’s also why you see those two big drives on the right side of my desk. They’re hard drives that are meant to go inside a full size desktop computer, but I’ve found that they’re actually reliable and a lot cheaper than buying a slim external hard drive. I like them, but they’re more for portable use. When I work on my own projects, I don’t find a need to move all around my home or my studio.

For my monitor, I don’t have a crazy fancy thing, just a nice semi-gloss monitor from HP. It was surprisingly difficult to find anything but a matte display, because people don’t like reflections on the screen. That’s a really valid point! However, when you work with details and color, you have to be aware that matte displays can absolutely ruin color quality. Glossy displays will give you a much more accurate depiction of color.

What’s probably unusual here is the microphone, since I don’t think many photographers, or people in general, use mics like this. I’m prepping to start some informational podcasts and YouTube videos, so I want decent audio quality.

I have my 12.9″ iPad Pro attached to a mount just above the monitor. Sometimes I multitask, sometimes I like to watch movies while I work. I hate the quiet. As I write this, I’m actually transferring about 600gb from my computer to one of those hard drives, so I’m writing this post from the iPad with a wireless keyboard and taking advantage of the Picture-In-Picture feature to watch a movie at the same time. When I want to use the iPad to do actual work, I can use the mount as a stand and edit with a stylus.

A lot of my camera equipment is on the shelf there to the left. When I was 20 I bought what I thought was a ring-flash, but was actually an LED ring-light. Basically useless for photography, but it makes a nice accent light above my camera lenses! My cameras are to the left and right of the light on the top shelf. I have my old film camera, my old Canon XSi (designated to my backup camera), and my main Canon 5D. On the shelf above them is an old Argus camera that was left to me when my grandfather passed away a few years ago. It’s very special to me so I keep it above all the others.

I like having my lenses on display here because they’re just very beautiful to me. The fact that each one serves a different purpose and can create a different image than any of the others fascinates me.

Below them there’s my battery charger for the camera, some off-camera flashes, some filters, my radio slaves, and even a bluetooth speaker. Under that it gets pretty messy. Sorry about that. There’s a ring-flash adapter for the off-camera flashes, an air bulb for cleaning, a black case (hard to see) with my large Wacom Intuos Pro, and a mini product surface for shooting little items. The little white drawer case has as many random things as you can think of: batteries, wired camera trigger, cables galore, camera cleaning supplies, manuals, the list goes on. I like my nicknacks, don’t judge. Then there’s my camera bag on the ground.

I’ve also got a nice little cutting surface hanging all the way to the left along with a white, gray, and black card set, and some rulers.

I don’t do a lot in the way of decorating, but I have a few things. I have a little glass jellyfish by my lamp which glows in the dark; the lamp itself is a Hue light, so it changes to whatever color and brightness I want; I have three bamboo plants growing around; and a friend of mine drew that little house on the canvas there. I like the beauty of technology, so I don’t like a lot of decorative things.

Well I hope you all found this interesting! Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!


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