Why I Only Use Canon for Examples/Canon vs Others

A couple people have asked why I don’t use other brands for my examples other than Canon.

I definitely don’t mean if offend users of Nikon, Sony, or other camera manufacturers. The answer is actually pretty simple! That’s the only camera I want to use.

Now, it’s not because I believe Canon makes a better camera. I’m a firm believer that all the big camera manufacturers each make cameras and lenses to rival the others. It’s the same way I feel about the whole PC vs. Mac thing: personal preference. I grew up on Canon cameras. My mom had a Canon film camera, then a Canon DSLR, then my college issued Canon DSLR’s to the photography students, so I’m just familiar with the system and enjoy the quality.

As a little anecdote, I did a photo shoot for a friend a few years back just before I graduated college. He loved the images and they were so sharp you could read the serial numbers on his contact lenses. A few weeks later, I was at work at the school and a man I didn’t think was a student walked up to me. He was another friend of the one I had photographed. He said he was also a photographer, though he was in retirement.

The first question he asked me was, “How did you get the picture that sharp?” I told him I used a high quality camera, lens, and sharpened just a touch more in Adobe Photoshop.

Then he asked what kind of camera I used. Well, I used a Canon 5D Mark ii. When he heard that, he said that he had been photographing for decades and he’d never seen a Canon outshoot a Nikon. Including modern cameras, and they’re basically garbage.

Okay…let’s go over the facts:

  1. This “old pro” had never seen an image as sharp as the one I created, including his own.
  2. I definitely used a Canon.
  3. Canon’s “can’t do that.”

I do not believe that this adds up. Clearly this guy is a hardcore Nikon fan, and there’s nothing wrong with that, except that it’s kind of like he’s trying to press his opinion on others. I’m sure this opinion is so engrained in him that he views it more as fact, but now I’d upset him because I created an image that challenged his firm belief in the best camera.

    So the moral I’m trying to impress here is that modern digital cameras have gone so far into size and quality that you can just pick the one you’re the most comfortable with and you will be able to create images that match any out there. As long as you accept that the camera is only one part of the equation. You are the other.


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