Photo Shoot Behind-the-Scenes

Behind the Scenes on Photo Shoot Day
This is an actual photo shoot I did for Drom Modern, who makes beautiful light fixtures, candle holders, and more. The shoot was on November 17, 2016, and I wrote this blog spanning several days, so it was written both before and after the shoot, to give you an idea of how planning and execution go together.

So without further delay, please enjoy!
So first comes the planning stage.
Planning Stage

Her website is very bright and clean, which matches the furniture she builds. Knowing this, the images absolutely need to match the look and feel of her website. That’s non-negotiable and has never been a question.

Luckily for me, that’s one of my favorite styles anyway or I would have to match the style. A good product photographer should always do this anyway, as it’s our job to deliver the desired image to the client.
So knowing the style, I have to know the space I’ll be shooting in, because photographing in a home that has these installed could be good, but more than likely they won’t have the right look for the website. My main studio is under construction, so I’m shooting these in a warehouse I have access to. The warehouse has white walls, which is perfect for the shoot. They’ll need a little post-shoot touchups, but nothing bad. Also I have a medium gray backdrop that will be perfect for combinations or other products.
I know I’ll be shooting several ceiling lights, along with some that need to be set on surfaces. I’ll be shooting the lights by themselves as well as with other furniture. Studio Tumo, an Interior Design firm I’ve worked with for quite a while is creating a book and wants me to photograph some additions.
Since I’m using the walls as a backdrop, I’m going to be using my backdrop stand to hang the lights from. I have a larger challenge with the floor. I won’t play down the floor of the warehouse, it’s pretty gross. Also, they don’t fit into the look and feel I need for my client.

To solver this, I’m planning on putting down a white surface. It won’t blend seamlessly, so I’ll probably have to cut out at least the bottom of the furniture, digitally fix the floor, and photoshop the shadows back in to make it look natural. But It’s only noon right now, by the end of the blog, we’ll all know what happened!
Preparation Stage

Now I’m prepping and packing what I’ll need so I can drive it to the warehouse.
As for equipment, I’m packing a variety:

Canon 5D

40mm Prime Lens

85mm Prime Lens

28-135mm Lens

50mm Lensbaby Spark (for some fun additions, time permitting)


Extra batteries

Extra memory cards

I’m also packing a white velour backdrop that will be on the floor today.

That’s all I have before the shoot! Let’s see what actually ended up happening:


I had a great time at the shoot! It was a little challenging at times, but it went over really nicely! My friend Timothy at Studio Tumo was kind enough to take some flattering behind-the-scenes photos of me looking as dignified as ever, which is to say, not very.

This was me while I was using an 85mm prime lens to capture some detail shots of this beautiful fixture. It’s hanging from my background stand, so this was after I shot everything that needed a gray background.

While still being graceful and dignified.

And I still had a fuzzy intruder keeping me company

And I didn’t need any additional equipment or anything like that. So planning went down well!

In fact, I felt like showing my editing process a little, so I decided that the first time I loaded up the photos, I’d do a screen recording for you all to see!

Don’t worry, while I was working for about an hour, I sped it up to fit in just around 3 minutes, for your viewing convenience! At the end I put in two finalized images.


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