Gift Ideas for your Photographer Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Friend/etc.

So, you’re one of the brave people who’s involved with a photographer. You’ve also realized that it’s really, really difficult to buy a gift for them!

Maybe you want to get them something that’ll be useful for their work! But then you went online and found that you’ll be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars for something you’re only kind of sure will probably work with the equipment they already have.

A lot of the photographers I know are pretty single-minded too. So maybe your special photographer someone really doesn’t have too many interests outside of their art.

FEAR NOT! Here are a few ideas that you can use directly, or just to get you thinking about the possibilities that are out there! In all actuality, photographers aren’t too hard to buy for. Just be fun! Most of these are actually from personal experience or chatting with my colleagues.

A word of caution though. Know what brand of camera they use! If they use a Nikon camera, for example, and you buy them one of the suggestions below with a Canon brand mark, they probably will never use it. It’s not necessarily because they think the other brand is bad, but photographers like their brands to match. What can I say, we’re finicky.

Without further adu, let’s look into some fun gift ideas!

  • Lensbaby Spark: This is a fun little toy lens. It’s compatible with Nikon and Canon cameras and it’s only about $90. So it’s a little on the pricier side for a knickknack, but it’s fun to use!
  • LensPen: These are relatively inexpensive and every photographer should have at LEAST one of these. They’re great for cleaning lenses and they always need replacing, so he or she will always have a need for another one!
  • Camera Lens Mugs: Your photographer probably loves coffee, and lens-shaped mugs area a really fun, gimmicky gift that they’ll love to take with them!
  • Pocket-Sized Reflector: This is only $15 and and extremely useful! Every photographer needs a few reflectors!
  • Lens-Shaped Shot Glasses: Whether or not your photographer likes to drink, these are fun to have!
  • Hue Lights: These are a little more expensive, but photographers love creative light. I mean, the word “photo” literally translates to “light.” Plus it’s really cool being able to say, “Hey Siri, shut my lights off.” And have all the lights magically turn themselves off at once.  Not to mention changing lights to every color under the sun is a really fun touch.
  • Light Strips: Going off the last bullet point, Hue can be a little expensive. It’s worth the price for the quality and low-energy bulbs, but sometimes that’s just not in the budget. IKEA offers some light strips that are easy to use and relatively inexpensive. They make a great addition to the ambiance of any room!
  • A back-up battery: This is a general gift for everybody these days. Almost everyone is very attached to their phone, tablet, or both. Almost everybody has also experienced the annoying feeling of their phone running out of power with no way to charge it. These come with such cool features nowadays that it makes these fun to shop for! They have ones with flashlights, solar charging, and more!
  • Camera-Adapter: If they have a tablet, surprise them with an adapter for their camera! They might not like waiting until they get home to load the pictures up and look at what they’ve shot in detail.
  • USB lights: Amazon has a number of interesting options for these! They come in bendable lamp-like forms, light strips, actual light bulbs, just anything to spice up their workspace. They probably spend hours upon hours at their desk, so adding some fun lights can make it look like a cool place to work! As well as helping to aliviate eye strain when it gets dark and the only light is the bright light of the computer screen, glaring at their face in a dark room.
  • Comfortable Headphones: If they like to listen to music, watch movies, or any number of audio-enabled things during their editing sessions, a comfortable pair of headphones can be a real blessing.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: Photographers move around a lot, shooting, editing, traveling to locations, and more. If your photographer likes to listen to music, maybe groove a little while they’re shooting, a bluetooth speaker with some decent volume and a good battery life will give them hours of enjoyment!

That should be a nice list to get those creative juices flowing! Just think about the person you’re buying for. Look over my list here and see if anything matches up! Maybe it helps you think a little outside the box on what might be something they’ll enjoy!

Good luck and happy holidays!


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