Building HYVE studios (Pt. 2)

The last post was all about how the idea for HYVE got started and how we started. Now, we had a huge warehouse without power, and loads of random stuff.

It was pretty quick to have power restored, but there were a few days of work by lantern light. The items we cleared out was actually the fast part. One big delay we faced was the removal of the large industrial shelves. They were promised to someone, so we couldn’t throw them out. We slowly broke them down to make them easier to move, but we were still on-hold, construction-wise, until they were removed. A word of caution, if you’re planning on breaking these down, wear protective headgear. I got a small concussion when on of the steel beams smacked me on the head without warning.

After a few weeks, all the shelves were taken down and removed. Most of the stuff was also removed, but we kept some of the things we thought might be useful. Now, remember the warehouse was used for storage for Simon and Lucas, who own ZJ Builders. They had a lot of samples there for flooring, siding, and more. We decided to repurpose some of the samples of flooring to make the bathroom look better! And not in the way you’d expect. We actually put them on the walls! It makes a very unique space!

We also decided we’d like a makeup area as well, so we constructed an entire wall in front of the bathroom to make a little area for changing and makeup. It’s still in construction, as we’re having a floating table constructed for the makeup section.

As far as painting the studio, I selected the colors based on how practical they are. The cyc wall is being painted white, just a pretty standard color, useful for a multitude of shoots. For the walls, I actually color-sampled a piece of the gray paper backdrop; that way, every wall in the studio will be able to be used for a background! Gray walls will also cut down reflections so light can be shaped more accurately. For the floors, I chose black, again to cut reflections.

We’ve also begun the planning on a wooden section of the wall. We’re collecting pallets to create a pallet wall, which can be used as another background for images, as well as just being a very interesting piece in the studio itself!

This is where we are right now. Painting, constructing the bathroom and back area, and building the pallet wall. It all takes time, but progress is being made steadily and surely!


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