Lenses & Their Uses

A question asked all too often is, “What lens should I get?” Well, the answer to that depends on what you want to do with it! You can, technically, use any lens to shoot anything you’d like, but some are better than others without a doubt! Also it really doesn’t makes sense to do architectural photography with a 500mm lens. Am I right!? Hahaha…I know I’m not funny, thank you for pretending to laugh.

Here’s a quick list of general uses for lenses of different focal lengths you might find useful!

<21mm: Architecture

21-35mm: Landscape

35-70mm: Street & Documentary

70-130mm: Portrait

>135mm: Sports & Wildlife

I happen to have made a video about this subject a few years ago, though with a few additions. So please enjoy the creation of 23-year-old me!


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