Keep it Original?

As artists, we often need to do things that venture into other areas of expertise. For example: I’m a photographer – that’s what I’m trained in, that’s what I’m comfortable with, and that’s my strong suit. However…I still have a website, a brand strategy in place, and I’m starting to make videos on YouTube. Does that mean I asked web designers, graphic designers, and video professionals to do the work? Well…no. But I don’t think there would be any shame in it if I had. And paid them a fair and reasonable price, obviously (wink wink nudge nudge don’t be cheap with artists)!

For better or for worse, I like to create everything I do from scratch and raw parts. Moreover, I like to do it myself. My website is a bit of a double-edged sword right now, as I finally gave in when one of my closest friends begged me to let him code it, so for the first time ever, my website isn’t made by me. It’s beautiful and was coded by a friend…but I didn’t make it. And that stings a little. But when he got in a jam I re-coded bits, so my hand’s in the code too.

Oh yeah, I’m a photographer that knows and enjoys coding websites. Thanks to my web design professor, Krishna!

For video…well I’ll admit that I started making some with simplistic programs like iMovie and I’ll continue to use them for simple videos, like if I start making blogs or something. But for the one I just published yesterday (Stroboscopic Tutorial Video) I used Adobe Premiere Pro. I don’t like these as much as web design, but thanks to college and forcing 6 months of video classes on me, I still remembered the basics. So when I picked it up last week it went as well as it could have. So I shot my own video, gathered royalty-free music from around the Internet, and re-taught myself how to cut it all together.

Graphic design I have a special connection with. I might not like it as much as photography, but I intend on pursuing my Masters in the subject. So I really want to do my own design. Of course I’m learning with the help of two amazing friends (Josh, Tatiana, thanks so much!) who always give me the feedback I need to hear. Even if it’s, “You should really rethink…that entire design.” Because it helps me grow.

How many of you feel like you need to be the one and only one with a hand in any of your work, even if it’s not in your field? See, I know that it wouldn’t diminish me, it might even make everything better, if I were to have a professional do the video, websites, design, etc, but I like to create it myself. Are you like that? Or are you the kind to let those with more experience in to do that part?

I hope I hear back from you!


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