What Offends Photographers?

I’m making this list for fun, because there are some WEIRD things that will offend photographers, get on their nerves, or rub them the wrong way, depending on how sensitive they are. Ready or not, here we go!
1. Say that photography isn’t really hard

If you say that to just about any photographer, you’re about to get an earful about learning manual camera operation, operating studio lights, learning composition, outdoor lighting, different shooting techniques, what lens is correct for which situation, all that and more!
2. Saying “picture” instead of “was photograph”

Many photographers will overlook that, but I’ve met some who will flip their lids if you refer to their work as “pictures.” I refer to my own work as photo’s, photographs, or projects, but in high school, we weren’t allowed to say “picture” in my photography class. I guess some people take this as demeaning to their work, even though it’s just the most commonly used phrase for any kind of image.
3. Telling them their price is too high, or saying you can find someone cheaper.

That’s a soft spot with most photographers, myself included. It was actually in one of my first blogs, explaining the True Cost of Photography. It cuts deep because photographers will feel like you undervalue their work and don’t appreciate them. Also, you’re basically saying, “Nah, you’re not worth that.”
4. Telling them, “Well, Photography isn’t really an art anyway.”

Of course some photographers don’t consider themselves artists, but most do. And of course there’s a famous quote (and one of my personal favorites) by Beaumont Newhall that says, “Photography is the bastard child of science left on the doorstep of art.” Which is completely true! Back in that day, photography involved a lot more chemicals (today it’s computers) and long processing time. Nowadays it’s much more artistic. There are fully digital artists, and photography straddles the world between purely digital art and purely analogue art, as we use real-world objects to start, but the final product is purely digital. Regardless, most photographers won’t like you much if you say it’s not an art.
5. Ask them if they think a phone can compare to their camera.

There are some phones with over 40 megapixels, but photographers won’t take you seriously if you’re using a phone. Plain and simple!
6. Using a camera that isn’t their brand.

I’ve talked about it a few times, but there are actually some photographers that are so hardcore into their camera’s brand (Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc) that they’ll hate your guts just for having something different than they do.
And those are the biggest, funniest, and most true ways some photographers will be offended! Hope you enjoyed!


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