My Advice to New Photographers

If you’re a new photographer, you’re probably doing some research and looking for the right stuff to do.

Well, hopefully I can give you a little guidance that worked for me, or that I learned through experience.

1 – Give discounts, but make it known that it’s a discount. I’ve got a few clients by giving them a discount on my services. I also made sure they were aware that the price they were paying was below my usual rate. That’s when I say something like, “I’m glad you got in touch when you did! It’s a discount period right now and I think you’ll really like the photos we’re going to make today! The sale ends in just a few days!” It makes them feel lucky, confident in you, and knowledgeable that your usual rates are higher. Once they experience how good you are, they’ll be more likely to pay your full price the next time around.

2 – If you’re young, people will probably distrust you just from your age. After you hit about 25 or 26, people will start to believe that you’re old enough to do a better job. It’s a very annoying truth, but ageism is very prevalent and people don’t even realize that’s why they distrust you. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a lot of gigs right off the bat!

3 – For image quality, your camera should not be the first thing to upgrade. Focus on your lenses first. Quality lenses = quality photographs. They’ll also transfer to your next camera (assuming you get a compatible camera). Also, go for full-frame lenses. Cropped ones won’t typically work on full-frame cameras, so do some research for your particular brand! šŸ™‚

4 – Advertise through social media. Everybody’s on it and that’s where you’ll get noticed!

5 – Post your best work! Show people why they should pay for your photography by displaying your potential for everybody to see! Instagram’s probably your best bet to be noticed, as well as your website! But that one’s obvious.

6 – Have a website. It should be well-designed, mobile-friendly, and you should have your own domain name. Just a ‘’ kind of site. If you have the hosting company’s name, like Wix or Webs, in your URL, you’ll be seen as cheap and not worth it.

7 – Practice! Never, ever stop practicing, learning, and doing photography.

8 – Keep having fun! If you stop having fun with your art, what’s the point?


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