The Role of Photography in the Digital Age

Photography plays a subtle, yet important role in more places than you realize. You might even say that photography is a ubiquitous aspect in our lives that transcends language and connects the world. So let’s take a look at some of the roles photography plays in today’s Digital Age.


Photography has a pretty strong foothold in almost all businesses. Some businesses keep photographers on staff to photograph their products, create original images for their marketing efforts, and more. Other companies contract out photography studios or freelancers to create those things.

In business, photography is needed. Sometimes they may have an employee that says, “Hey! I have a camera. I have some editing software. Why don’t I just take the pictures?” And when that happens…businesses look bad because the person who ‘has a camera’ can’t create professional-grade images. So let’s just take a moment and see a list of some uses business has for photographers:

  • Headshots
  • Social media photos
  • Original marketing photos
  • All sorts of marketing materials
  • Company branding photos

And honestly once you say “marketing materials” you’ve covered almost everything. In today’s digital age, these are perhaps even more important than they used to be. Today, consumers (you and I) are bombarded with images of products. We get marketing in our emails full of products, there are ads on the side of Facebook and other websites, Instagram even has ads now (since it’s owned by Facebook, of course) and since it’s a photography-based platform they all look great! When you want to buy something, you probably go on Amazon rather than looking in a physical store! When you’re on Amazon, which products do you click on? That’s right, the ones with good photos and good names (let’s face it, no one should buy a product with a name like “HIGH POWER USB COLOR CHANGING HORSE-SHAPED EXCELLENT QUALITY IPHONE ANDROID WINDOWS COMPATIBLE MINI LIGHT” but that’s beside the point).


Photography is also an important factor in education. I’m not just talking about photography classes, but every class. In most cases, text books even have images in them! Sometimes they make sense, but many times they’re just to keep interest in the book.

You do have to consider the actual classes in photography as well, assuming the school offers them. During classes, many teachers and professors use photographs as educational guides and visual aids. You really can’t get away from photographs, no matter where you go.


This is probably the most important aspect of photography in the digital age. Everything is about sharing. Sharing for fun. Sharing for views. Sharing for followers or subscribers. Sharing your life with friends and family you can’t be close to. Share, share, share!

And that’s beautiful. The Digital Age has created a culture of sharing, regardless of why people share, it still puts out content that would never have been seen. Now, you can go on Instagram, think some some thing or place you’d like to see, and find it! Probably hundreds and hundreds of images.

You get to see snippets of other peoples lives.


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