Working with Models

Most photographers have a need to work with models from time to time. If you’re a portrait photographer or any sub-genre therein, you’ll work with them a lot! If you do landscape, not so much. Regardless, it’s very important to know the basics of working with them. Personally, when I work with models, I have […]

Macro Photography

Macro photography isn’t incredibly difficult, but contrary to popular opinion, real macro images cannot be achieved by flipping on that button that looks like a flower or dialing a lens down to where it says “macro.” These settings are more or less what I’d call “close-up” shots. It may be a little closer up than people […]

Macro Week

On my Instagram this week, I’ve named it Macro Week. Every day I’m going to be uploading a new image that fits into the “macro photography” category. Why? It’s fun! That’s the simple answer, anyway. I actually have a few reasons. The most important is that it is fun and I thoroughly enjoy doing macro photography. […]

How to Choose the Right Photographer

Choosing the right photographer for you can be a daunting task! For goodness sake don’t use stupid apps like, “Thumbtack” where it’s just all about how cheap you can get it, unless you don’t give a crap about quality because that’s what you’ll get there: crap. So let’s begin! Step 1: What type of shoot? […]

iPhoneography | Smartphonography

The best camera is the one you have with you. -Chase Jarvis This is a true quote! If you happen to have a big, 50 megapixel camera with you at all times then you’re set! But more often than not, we have our smartphones on hand. They have decent cameras, decent sensors, decent glass. Some […]

Why Being a Photographer/Artist Isn’t Easy

A lot of people think that the arts are an “easy” career path. Maybe even (dare I say it) a STUPID career path? Let me be the first to let you in on the secret then. It’s pretty dang difficult! Actually, very few of the people who went to school with me for photography are […]